You deserve the same
care you give others.
(Yes. You do!)

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Where caregivers can be without the expectation to care for anyone but themselves!

In our community you can:

  • Share your own struggles and feelings without having to apologize or justify them.

  • Encourage others without having to "fix" or "care for" anyone else.

  • Focus on yourself; your needs, your hobbies, the things that light you up! (You know, the ones you've kept putting at the bottom of the list.)

As part of The Self-Caregiver Community

you'll get:

  • The encouragement and support of like-minded caregivers who understand the struggle to care for yourself while you care for others.

  • Opportunities to learn more about how to prioritize your needs without compromising your caregiver role.

  • Guidance on how to move forward in your journey to rediscover your worth, reclaim your health, and get back the life you've been too busy to enjoy.

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